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Unfortunate maiden voyage: Tucher & Walther Vulcan.
My Fleischmann 135/2 )running DOLL accesory
Short video of my dad's Renown 101 in steam.
My Doll
Weekend steam test
Bing 10/13/2 - doing some work.
Disc crank MM1 doing some work
Stuart Simplex in steam
Something different
short, but sweet run of 1 of my favourite plants............
Toowoomba model train show
petrie steam fair 2017
Marklin 4107 with a Dampfmashine(member) made burner....
mamod vertical from mamod bits
A Marklin 4107 running
D455 Hammers 6 Hess'. A shaky Hand Production.
A Josef Falk Vertical running a Bing Water Scoop
My new video.
Bing Vertical 10/13/2
Test run of VR1A with accessories
Hello all! My two engines.
Another J Falk, this time a 450 with Cast Iron Base
my J Falk running fairground ride.........
Renown roller with Copper boiler
Little flame licker drives flag waver
small flame licker I bought recently
my 1st steam of my biggest whstle ever!!
3 in a row
An overtype Steam Toy from J Falk
Home made and renown
Walter steamed two today too ;-}
What did Walter steam today
A large governor
Renown 101 Copper
bk s dragsaw
Renown 101 drives my 'new" old German well-.
E Plank Excelsoir running after Gauge Glass and other repair
Doll Overtype Lokomobile 511/2 going with Stamper & Whis
Logging TE run
A one eyed E Plank steam engine meets Hercules
Quick fix
David Auld
A table of Wilescos including D28 thanks to Clinton
Sandy Andy with elivator
A neat sand toy.
I've gone Bing.
Little MM1
Renown loco on air
my brass based Stuart beam running sweetly off N.Blighter.
Reliving a few childhood memories!
My 1912 Bing running a generator
steam of MFTWIN no.071 - 1st engine I ran this year.
wilesco d45 and 300 leds
300 leds .....mamod minor tw0
Bing 130/156
jensen 5 power plant and 200 leds
the amazing Jensen 5 power plant- no whistling.
steam genny ...train set
jensen 5 plant charges mobile phone
Little homemade engine
jensen 5 power plant and tin toys experiment
Home made vertical and dancing sheriff
China Rail
Here's a interesting video
Wilesco Manufacturing Video
xl supa white polish in action
which mamod se2a is best?
mamod engine lubes and tweaks
Greg's first test of my Stuart beam engine
new mamod throttle lock in action
Stern wheel steam engine
SE3+ runnning a electronic kiddies organ.
mamod minor two piston test and pumping windmills
mamod minor two genny plant
my SE3+ now with globe valve. VIDEO
some would say that
63 Ford Falcon
I blow my own big whistles today at Glen & Liz's today..
A Parken on air
Whistle Manifold II ,being powered by my George boiler.
A winters morning TTBO Run
'Pat and Patachon' Dancing Drive Models
Jenny Ann Engine
Mamod Mec 1
compounding Jensen steam.
Here is one for Clinton & Glenn
Some steamy times at Paul C's place today.
Se3+steams at Petrie- July 2016
Bing Overtype going today
Flame fired Empire43, drives a small disco ball!
new safety valve on Blighter- 1st steam of it.
Stuart 7a
some of the fun at Petrie Steam fair 2016, today.
mamod se2a and genny driving a huge party light
mamod se2a driving a bull horn
Stuart 10H restored and on steam
TTBv2 runs a COLD Triple(NOT se3+) and Scorpion vertical
turbine experiments
australian scorpion at work
Little Bing Loko 130/131 going 2 hours ago
a triple drives a Kraus ferris wheel.
Jin made bigger turbine, running off a vert. boiler
bright spark
Early Stuart 10H
renown cousins steaming together
Got a bit steamy
new steam engine?
jensen 70 runs XL's beaut windmill-pump combo.
Bowman E158 and M135
TTB v1 ,doing work.
pmr no.4 fun
Renown Windmill working hard!!
my PMR no.4 running a homemade water pump.
heros engine
April 2016 Model/ toy display at Petrie
David Auld Cast wheel
Feilding 2016 annual open day
a couple of vids from Feilding
Jensen 70 drives my new/old DOLL water acessory.
TTB v2 runs fluro!
going down memory lane.............
"Quobble" lights a fluro.
run of my dad's renown 101, tonight
meccano octapuss
Stuart beam on STEAM at Petrie today!
Stuart MLI
d45 running a flag waver
mamod sp1 experiment
New Mamod Train
Wilesco D2 - First Firing
Glen tries out his new steam plant today.
Jensen 50
2nd vid of Glen and Liz's new plant............
Stuart 10V mod
Glen and Liz's new plant - 1st exhibitioning at Petrie today
TWO Wilesco d45 in steam
wilesco d45 in action
driven by....
Falk Overtype
steam- mate helping mate. my Aust Day '16 vid.
TTB v2 drives (by belt) stand alone Jensen 20 engine
first run of TTB v2-
Laser Lights, being steam powered!
mind if I QUOBBLE?!
My Christmas SEL
Christmas eve 2015- steam up.
Smooth running 101
"Borrowed" Wilesco d45, "Chuffs for Christmas
Another Stuart S50
recently bought Marklin drives a kraus acessory.............
45 Minutes of wonderful viewing
my day at a full size railway ,near Ipswich, Qld, today.
xmas steamup at petrie
my big twin plant's 5th anniversary steaming today.
Some of the going's on at Petrie, Australia today...........
my video of George boiler's '20 years in steam'
georges 20th anniversary
Greg and myself run static steam at a 'trains in the park'
SS Edmund Fitzgerald
TTB V1- getting festive! at Glen & Liz's place today.
TTBV1 Gets its First Steaming
TTB02 A Lovely Twin Overtype
Stuart S 50
TTB v1 run.
Beautiful twin steam plant of mine, running @ Glen, Liz's
Regner Konrad, Vincent And Lumber Jack
mamod minor two power plant
mighty mamod meccano sp3 power plant
power ..full mamod se2a and meccano motor
Mr.Taketomi's single acting self-starting 1 cylinder engine.
more happenings at Petrie steam tables today
jensen 35, converted to flame firing.
Stirling with generator, running!
Blackjack 3 inch coal fired boiler under steam
Jin's steam turbine/powerplant running!
luton bowman pw203 in steam, 2 replaced end caps on it.
Even more Putt-putt power and increased reliability!
2nd run of Jin's beamy-
meccano motor as a genny
More Putt-putt power!
small stirling runs straight out of the box!
kevin's 1" diameter whistle on 60psi steam!
Eureka or not? Putt-putt boat engine experiment.
kevin's 1" diameter whistle sounding on Steam.
Jin's micro turbine ON STEAM!!
The pop-pop boat that wouldn't.
steamed at Glen and Liz's today. Good ol' George! !
Regner Lumber Jack
Greg & I steam at annual little trains in park, today.
plasma ball+ power up + 2 steam engines = WOW!
plasma ball and steam engines
mamod se2 and plasma ball
powerup 1 and two
An Orange Blossom Marklin 402
Stuart ST Twin in steam
Dusted off the D32
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