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Another big whistle joins my collection................
Stuart Collection
been polishing!
A couple of Doll Sawmills
A Whistles photo for Clinton (and others)
Selection of international toy steam.
my bowman m122, now with Jin made BELL whistle.
Gassed up! now with demo pic
Three German dampfmashines
A really useful accessory.....
My big oscillator...
2 germans. BING 10/13/2 & 130/256
Cranko Mogul...
Oil cans
thanks Paul C! A nice Bowman M122.
My new built Mamod MV2
My 1949_50 mamod minor 1.
Minor mod to my George boiler
Doll 325 Verticals on parade
My renowns have a home
A new arrival; E Plank 'Herkules'.
My new Stirling engine..... moves faster and fasterer!
You've seen the smithy now the sawyers.
The Village Smithy.
My new Stirling engine..... moves!
Fleischmann 105/1
Marklin Lokomobiles on parade
Like a boomerang....this engine "returns" to me!
Latest addition D455
Merit 1540
A table top of Tabletop Engines
My smallest engine
New look for Blighter
Random pics of my collection
Weedun it again ;-}
Six Lathes in a row
A new workshop
A new non Stuart addition
SEL Electric Accessories
Some new arrivals
My new DOLL 511/2 circa 1930's
My biggest whistle came. 4" dia 3 chime
My biggest display EVER at outdoor event today
1978 MM2 Engine with Sight glass
My little Latimer Plane L4
Won today. my biggest whistle EVER!
Action shot- taken this evening.
A one eyed E Plank steam engine meets Hurcules
Well Trio
100+yr old Bing runs a black rhino genny & 40 leds!
Wilescos on parade
Mamod ME Marine engine range.
How's this Loko? Schoenner or Falk I think?
My new Wilesco D14 with Manometer.
See my CKs
Posting pictures to the forum
most BORE-ING accessory arrived today.
Boehm HB-5 and ferris wheel
A meeting of the Clan Stuart
Just Arrived, Loads Of Poke For Meccano Models...
A day in the life of a model man
I do like a good picture...
Some brass flywheels
xl test genny set
Weeden 14 ?
Mamod marine engine
The gathering
jensen 5 power plant and accessories
leds leds leds
Weeden 14 Boiler
More dancing dolls.
MM1 late 1950,s
2nd nameplate added to my Noisy Blighter boiler
Another dancing Drive Model
My 1976 MM2 with original burner
thanks Aussieflywheel!
2 1/2 days of working on Stuart beam, we've a runner!!
SEL Minor 1520
Jensen 85
xl skeleton burner
mamod sp1and fleichman 105/0
Wilesco D9 Build
mamod se2a gets a golden shine
Stuart beam arrived, I won off ebay.
mamod brass burners ( 1958 to 1961 approx )
whistlemans se3 plus
SE3+ got a new globe valve
1940s Stuart S50
" little ida " ...retirement clean .
2 New Additions
Blighter boiler, with his 4 'babies'
little AUSSIE wonder ,Renown 101, with part box came today.
A Brace of Lipsias
Bohm HB-11 and Wilesco M78 ferris wheel
Whistle manifolds 1 and 2- both made by Geoff(ozsteamdemon)
Presenting Whistle manifold 2- made by Ozsteamdemon
thank you Chris! (Aussieflywheel)
3/4" Scale Maxitrak Allchin Review
Schoenner Lipsia added to collection in the doghouse
Things that are old can be new again
Not renouned for copper Renowns
A collection of Kiwi cousins
the *cops have come! *not what you think!
Today's arrival; not Barbie
Fleischmann Grinder
A Ferris Wheel from the Repair Room today
Roll up! Roll up! Ride the ferris wheels!
Our dog has a new room mate; Me
well WELL!
MM2 engine before and after
here's ALL my Australian vertical boilered steam toys.
thank you Chris!
Bing Steam Engine
renown and scorpion repo burners
renown copper 101
Who's got one of these accessories?
How to store Chimneys
New Stuart Addition to the collection - project
1950s MM1
PMR solar no.4- my latest purchase
1970 Mamod Minor One
Latest small toy
A nice little find from STIA back in Feb
back again and a change of scale
Latest aquisition
Kenneth Wells Stationary Engine
A bit of a whimsical pic
my 3rd "Doll" water accessory arrived
A Stuart Victoria
Marklin Lipsia
2 little toys...............
Mamod TE1 63/64
Cranko Tractors.
Cranko Family reunion
Say hello to Plpy
Lathe Collection (Antriebsmodell Drehbank)
how mesmorising!!!!!!!
D.E.O. Crane
Opening the D2
Seeing DOUBLE!
My 101
NEW Wilesco pressure guage, now on my newest/old
TTB v2 gets its nameplate
Steamco STC-04
TTB v2
Märklin 4112
1946 Mamod SE1
SEL Minor
Dikta Steam Engine for Christmas
A few Stuart engines
must be nearly Christmas! a double whammy came today!
Early Stuart 7A
Early Stuart V10
Early Stuart S50
my TTB v1 gets 'nameplated'
TTB v1 & Renown 101 side by side
rarest of the rare ....renown 101and ck vertical together
CK came!
grid members
Brilliantly built dynamo from England, arrived today.
Chinese made stirling with generator and LED arrived!
Luton Bowmans
My Bowmans
Clock work Bing
Jin's steam turbine/powerplant arrived today
Big Electric engine
I've been JIN-BEAMed!!!!!!!
My first hot air engine
Nice result - my lucks holding so far
HOT STUFF!!!!!!!!
jin made model steam turbine came!
H I Clements
kevin's 1" diameter whistle arrived! a MONSTER!!
Cranko Tractor
new workhorse joins the steam hospital workshop
A bargain from the wilesco facebook pages
My early birthday present
ACTION pic !! (Fleischmann 135/2 flywheel turning)
a few of KEVIN's whistles
nice little score for £60 on facebook
Bings; Good, Better, Best
Christmas in July
hot off the press!!!!!! Wow!! shiny brass whistle ,my 2nd...
box of assortments....not your usual licorice kind..
PM Research #3 (wet paint!!!)
Stuart ST single Oscillating engine
I'm PUMPED! beautiful Doll Water pump arrived!
Solar Engines, Phoenix AZ - Mini Vac Flame Eater
take a PEAKE at latest buy
Jensen 3" boiler and Ministeam Echuca Model Steam Engi
2 engines from 2 different lands
Auction win(NOT Ebay) Jin's M27 reaches Whistleman's pad!
Empire 43 came..... I won off ebay...........
my 2nd, 'Big Giant' came. it's 1 on the left.
My Mamod Collection so far
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